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The Park

you get there and you're like oh yeah its a park

Me and my buddy Breayson were waiting for his sister Bethtacy’s shift to end so she could drive us to the new Dave & Buster’s to meet up with Dim and Frad, so we had about two hours to kill. The self-improvement grind is still very real so I suggested that we hit up the park for a local walk-about/meditation sesh. Breayson loved the idea so much, we hugged.

We walked around the park for a while and Breayson and I made sure to verbalize every nice thing we saw to each other. I saw a seagull take a danish right out of the hands of a little girl, but she wasn’t upset, just happy the seagull had food to eat. And Breayson just liked the way the sunlight filtered through the leaves.

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