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Riverdale – This show is a shitty goddamn waste of time


TAMBIIIN DONN LIKE IIT! / FUCK THE ARCHIE! / FUCK THE ARCHIE! That’s right folks, Tambin straight up almost broke up with me when I suggested we watch an episode of Riverdale together. She usually only lets us watch films by Studio Ghibli or Wes Anderson when she gets tired of rewatching Stranger Things – but I put my foot down for my 15 year old HOTTIES in Riverdale. She reluctantly gave it a try but ended up spitting directly in my face when Archie sang his ‘song’ early on in this episode. And honestly I didn’t blame her whatsoever (Grundy, come thru with these music lessons ASAP). Feeling demoralized and emasculated I was ready to relinquish the Netflix reigns back to Tambin when she realized Cole Sprouse was on this show and agreed to continue watching, albeit ironically. I love her so much.

This episode deals primarily with the themes of disassociation. Each of our main characters struggles to live within of the archetypes defined for them in the pilot episode.

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