The Park

you get there and you're like oh yeah its a park

Me and my buddy Breayson were waiting for his sister Bethtacy’s shift to end so she could drive us to the new Dave & Buster’s to meet up with Dim and Frad, so we had about two hours to kill. The self-improvement grind is still very real so I suggested that we hit up the park for a local walk-about/meditation sesh. Breayson loved the idea so much, we hugged.

We walked around the park for a while and Breayson and I made sure to verbalize every nice thing we saw to each other. I saw a seagull take a danish right out of the hands of a little girl, but she wasn’t upset, just happy the seagull had food to eat. And Breayson just liked the way the sunlight filtered through the leaves.

After a quick 2v2 game of fris against some local children (in which we did not let up, for it would diminish the integrity of the sport) Breayson and I found some shade and sat down for some TM (Transcendental Meditation). We closed our eyes and became completely connected with our surroundings, clearing our heads in the process.

Feeling refreshed and ready to crush at Buster’s, we opened our eyes and my world crashed down around me. Directly in front of me sat a single mallard, staring directly into my eyes. I couldn’t be sure, but I could’ve sworn its eyes were human. I understandably freaked out and all Breayson could say was that it was “just a duck” and that I was “embarrassing him in front of those solid 6 and and halves over there”.

Bethtacy left work early to save us. We got into her Subaru Outback, I glanced back towards the shady tree to see the duck, unmoved, staring straight back at me, turning his head to follow our car as we drove off.



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